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Executive Council Report - August 2015

Executive Council Report - June 2015

Group Membership In APCO

Open the Doors to APCO for Your Entire Team
New Group Membership Combines Full and Online Categories so Your Whole Staff can Get Involved With APCO.

In the 2012 dues year, APCO began offering Group Membership allowing organizations to enroll their entire team rather than just a select few. The group membership package combines new online memberships with traditional full memberships so you can enroll more of your staff without paying for full memberships for everyone. This will put all of the information and resources APCO offers at the fingertips of your staff!

How it Works
Based on the size of your organization, you'll receive a certain number of full memberships and online memberships to assign to your team members. Full members get voting rights and all of the benefits of APCO membership and Online Members get the online magazine, e-bulletin, web access and PSConnect membership. Plan for APCO Group Membership in Your Budget Now!

What is the Executive Council of APCO International?

The Executive Council of APCO International is made up of one active member from each chapter. The Council provides oversight to the Association Board of Officers as follows:

1) Review and approval of the Association's goals and objectives as recommended by the Board of Officers.
2) Review and approval of the Executive Director's goals and objectives for the Association staff and management team.
3) Review and approval of the Executive Director's formal business plan previously approved by the Board of Officers.
4) Review and approval of the Association's annual budget proposal.
5) Review and approval of the APCO Policy Manual in accordance with Constitution Article VI
6) Perform committee duties as outlined in the APCO Policy Manual
7) Report its activities. Each Executive Council member has the responsibility to issue a formal report to his/her Chapter
8) Perform other duties as may be otherwise specified in the Constitution and Bylaws, APCO Policy Manual or as may be required by the Executive Council of itself which may not otherwise be in conflict with the Constitution and Bylaws.


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